Weight classes

-60 kg-55 kg
-70 kg-60 kg
-80 kg+60 kg
-90 kg 
+90 kg 

Disqualification for not making weight. You can change the weight class until 6th of August 11pm.

Time / Scorelimit

7 minutes (10 in the finals) with 2 minutes overtime, following sudden victory mode.

Legal submissions

All chokes and joint manipulations which are not listed in the category below. There will be a rules meeting held after the weight-in.

Illegal submissions

No unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will be tolerated. Any competitor that is displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will automatically be disqualified.

Fight modus

Single Elimination. We might change the modus and/or weight classes if there are too many or too few competitors.



The staff is not responsible for any damage, accident, injury or theft as a result of the tournament. We will record all matches and publish (may be sell) them eventually.